The Mysterious V

Although it is difficult for mere humans to grasp the beauty of all things dark and mysterious that wrap this puny universe in a blanket of rich black velvet, providing us with imagination and creativity, I feel it is after me to bring a drop of said beauty to the dwellers of this world’s largest spider web. Thankfully I am no mere human. And neither is V. For a long time, I've mulled over what makes V great, but I realize these sorts of thoughts can't be contained to a mere post or a ramble of text. I decided instead to dedicate a whole webpage to his brilliance. While I've struggled in the past to claim a character as my favorite, or to claim a character as the best, V has turned it into no contest. There are very few that can surpass V (*cough* Dante *cough) but that is a ramble for another day.

Characters like V are hard to come by these days, which is a sour reminder for me that I was, indeed, born in the wrong generation. I yearn for the times when romanticism and passion for true art were appreciated and the language we spoke was a craft of its own. Seeing V gave me hope that those times are not lost and I want to bring more attention to him and the intricacies of his soul and wisdom, in hopes of giving others a chance to appreciate the art of V.

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